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nullhash.h (689B)

      1 #ifndef   SC_NULLHASH_NULLHASH_H
      2 #define   SC_NULLHASH_NULLHASH_H
      4 /* Like all hash tables, Nullhash is built on a concept of buckets.
      5  * The buckets contain a pointer to a list of the objects they represent.
      6  * Unlike most hash tables, it does not supply the hash function, hence
      7  * the name Nullhash.
      8  * It's intended for tables where keys are small integers, such as file
      9  * descriptors in Suitcase iolib or in a program, or (with the addition
     10  * of a recycling tray) where it is not important to the application
     11  * what the key is, so long as there is one that can be passed around,
     12  * used for a handle into data structures, and then got rid of.
     13  */
     15 #endif // SC_NULLHASH_NULLHASH_H