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commit 97c5ef197909671816d3001a2914b5568f962756
parent 3772dd95f6584cc6788fa4ff28d7b232a4c8d43a
Author: Alan Post <>
Date:   Sun, 14 Jul 2019 08:33:38 -0600

remove FILES, shar target from Makefile.

The shar target restates the contents of FILES as dependencies on the
shar target, a shell archive.  Shell archives are no longer used for
distributing software.  While the command could be updated to use an
alternative distribution format, like tape archive (tar), that the
rule must restate the contents of FILES means any modification to
FILES must also be restated here, and in a way that is more likely
to cause a merge conflict.

Further, as this is the only place in the code that uses FILES,
remove FILES.  It demonstrably is not up-to-date, as it contains
an entry for the nonexistent INSTALL-1.03, and git ls-files is a
suitable replacement.

DFILES | 437-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
MMakefile | 81-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 518 deletions(-)

diff --git a/FILES b/FILES @@ -1,437 +0,0 @@ -BLURB -BLURB2 -BLURB3 -BLURB4 -README -FAQ -INSTALL -INSTALL.alias -INSTALL.ctl -INSTALL.ids -INSTALL.maildir -INSTALL.mbox -INSTALL-1.03 -INSTALL.vsm -REMOVE.sendmail -REMOVE.binmail -TEST.deliver -TEST.receive -UPGRADE -THOUGHTS -TODO -THANKS -CHANGES -SECURITY -INTERNALS -SENDMAIL -PIC.local2alias -PIC.local2ext -PIC.local2local -PIC.local2rem -PIC.local2virt -PIC.nullclient -PIC.relaybad -PIC.relaygood -PIC.rem2local -FILES -VERSION -SYSDEPS -TARGETS -Makefile -BIN.README -BIN.Makefile -idedit.c -conf-break -auto_break.h -conf-spawn -auto_spawn.h -chkspawn.c -conf-split -auto_split.h -conf-patrn -auto_patrn.h -conf-users -conf-groups -auto_uids.h -auto_usera.h -extra.h -addresses.5 -except.1 -bouncesaying.1 -condredirect.1 -dot-qmail.9 -envelopes.5 -forgeries.7 -forward.1 -maildir2mbox.1 -maildirmake.1 -maildirwatch.1 -mailsubj.1 -mbox.5 -preline.1 -qbiff.1 -qmail-clean.8 -qmail-command.8 -qmail-control.9 -qmail-getpw.9 -qmail-header.5 -qmail-inject.8 -qmail-limits.9 -qmail-local.8 -qmail-log.5 -qmail-lspawn.8 -qmail-newmrh.9 -qmail-newu.9 -qmail-pop3d.8 -qmail-popup.8 -qmail-pw2u.9 -qmail-qmqpc.8 -qmail-qmqpd.8 -qmail-qmtpd.8 -qmail-qread.8 -qmail-qstat.8 -qmail-queue.8 -qmail-remote.8 -qmail-rspawn.8 -qmail-send.9 -qmail-showctl.8 -qmail-smtpd.8 -qmail-start.9 -qmail-tcpok.8 -qmail-tcpto.8 -qmail-users.9 -qmail.7 -qreceipt.1 -splogger.8 -tcp-env.1 -qmail-clean.c -qmail-getpw.c -qmail-inject.c -qmail-local.c -qmail-lspawn.c -qmail-newmrh.c -qmail-newu.c -qmail-pop3d.c -qmail-popup.c -qmail-pw2u.c -qmail-qmqpc.c -qmail-qmqpd.c -qmail-qmtpd.c -qmail-qread.c -qmail-queue.c -qmail-remote.c -qmail-rspawn.c -qmail-send.c -qmail-showctl.c -qmail-smtpd.c -qmail-start.c -qmail-tcpok.c -qmail-tcpto.c -spawn.c -dnscname.c -dnsfq.c -dnsip.c -dnsmxip.c -dnsptr.c -hostname.c -ipmeprint.c -tcp-env.c -sendmail.c -qreceipt.c -qsmhook.c -qbiff.c -forward.c -preline.c -predate.c -except.c -bouncesaying.c -condredirect.c -maildirmake.c -maildir2mbox.c -maildirwatch.c -splogger.c -qlx.h -rcpthosts.h -rcpthosts.c -commands.h -commands.c -dnsdoe.h -dnsdoe.c -fmtqfn.h -fmtqfn.c -gfrom.h -gfrom.c -myctime.h -myctime.c -newfield.h -newfield.c -qsutil.h -qsutil.c -readsubdir.h -readsubdir.c -received.h -received.c -tcpto.h -tcpto.c -tcpto_clean.c -trigger.h -trigger.c -triggerpull.h -triggerpull.c -trynpbg1.c -trysyslog.c -conf-cc -conf-ld -trycpp.c -auto-str.c -auto-int.c -auto-int8.c -auto-gid.c -auto-uid.c -hier.c -install.c -instcheck.c -install-big.c -alloc.3 -alloc.h -alloc.c -alloc_re.c -case.3 -case.h -case_diffb.c -case_diffs.c -case_lowerb.c -case_lowers.c -case_starts.c -cdb.3 -cdb.h -cdb_hash.c -cdb_seek.c -cdb_unpack.c -cdbmake.h -cdbmake_add.c -cdbmake_hash.c -cdbmake_pack.c -cdbmss.h -cdbmss.c -coe.3 -coe.h -coe.c -fd.h -fd_copy.3 -fd_copy.c -fd_move.3 -fd_move.c -fifo_make.3 -fifo.h -fifo.c -trymkffo.c -fork.h1 -fork.h2 -tryvfork.c -now.3 -now.h -now.c -open.h -open_append.c -open_excl.c -open_read.c -open_trunc.c -open_write.c -seek.h -seek_cur.c -seek_end.c -seek_set.c -seek_trunc.c -conf-qmail -auto_qmail.h -qmail.h -qmail.c -gen_alloc.h -gen_allocdefs.h -stralloc.3 -stralloc.h -stralloc_eady.c -stralloc_pend.c -stralloc_copy.c -stralloc_opyb.c -stralloc_opys.c -stralloc_cat.c -stralloc_catb.c -stralloc_cats.c -stralloc_arts.c -strerr.h -strerr_sys.c -strerr_die.c -substdio.h -substdio.c -substdi.c -substdo.c -substdio_copy.c -subfd.h -subfderr.c -subfdouts.c -subfdout.c -subfdins.c -subfdin.c -readwrite.h -exit.h -timeoutconn.h -timeoutconn.c -timeoutread.h -timeoutread.c -timeoutwrite.h -timeoutwrite.c -remoteinfo.h -remoteinfo.c -uint32.h1 -uint32.h2 -tryulong32.c -wait.3 -wait.h -wait_pid.c -wait_nohang.c -trywaitp.c -sig.h -sig_alarm.c -sig_block.c -sig_catch.c -sig_pause.c -sig_pipe.c -sig_child.c -sig_term.c -sig_hup.c -sig_misc.c -sig_bug.c -trysgact.c -trysgprm.c -env.3 -env.h -env.c -envread.c -byte.h -byte_chr.c -byte_copy.c -byte_cr.c -byte_diff.c -byte_rchr.c -byte_zero.c -str.h -str_chr.c -str_cpy.c -str_diff.c -str_diffn.c -str_len.c -str_rchr.c -str_start.c -lock.h -lock_ex.c -lock_exnb.c -lock_un.c -tryflock.c -getln.3 -getln.h -getln.c -getln2.3 -getln2.c -sgetopt.3 -sgetopt.h -sgetopt.c -subgetopt.3 -subgetopt.h -subgetopt.c -error.3 -error_str.3 -error_temp.3 -error.h -error.c -error_str.c -error_temp.c -fmt.h -fmt_str.c -fmt_strn.c -fmt_uint.c -fmt_uint0.c -fmt_ulong.c -scan.h -scan_ulong.c -scan_8long.c -slurpclose.h -slurpclose.c -quote.h -quote.c -hfield.h -hfield.c -headerbody.h -headerbody.c -token822.h -token822.c -control.h -control.c -datetime.3 -datetime.h -datetime.c -datetime_un.c -prioq.h -prioq.c -date822fmt.h -date822fmt.c -dns.h -dns.c -trylsock.c -tryrsolv.c -ip.h -ip.c -ipalloc.h -ipalloc.c -select.h1 -select.h2 -trysysel.c -ndelay.h -ndelay.c -ndelay_off.c -direntry.3 -direntry.h1 -direntry.h2 -trydrent.c -prot.h -prot.c -chkshsgr.c -warn-shsgr -tryshsgr.c -ipme.h -ipme.c -trysalen.c -maildir.5 -maildir.h -maildir.c -tcp-environ.5 -constmap.h -constmap.c -qtmp.h1 -qtmp.h2 -tryutmpx.c diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile @@ -1759,87 +1759,6 @@ compile sgetopt.c substdio.h subfd.h substdio.h sgetopt.h subgetopt.h \ subgetopt.h ./compile sgetopt.c -shar: \ -FILES BLURB BLURB2 BLURB3 BLURB4 README FAQ INSTALL INSTALL.alias \ -INSTALL.ctl INSTALL.ids INSTALL.maildir INSTALL.mbox INSTALL.vsm \ -REMOVE.sendmail REMOVE.binmail TEST.deliver TEST.receive UPGRADE \ -THOUGHTS TODO THANKS CHANGES SECURITY INTERNALS SENDMAIL \ -PIC.local2alias PIC.local2ext PIC.local2local PIC.local2rem \ -PIC.local2virt PIC.nullclient PIC.relaybad PIC.relaygood \ -PIC.rem2local FILES VERSION SYSDEPS TARGETS Makefile BIN.README \ -BIN.Makefile BIN.setup idedit.c conf-break auto_break.h conf-spawn \ -auto_spawn.h chkspawn.c conf-split auto_split.h conf-patrn \ -auto_patrn.h conf-users conf-groups auto_uids.h auto_usera.h extra.h \ -addresses.5 except.1 bouncesaying.1 condredirect.1 dot-qmail.9 \ -envelopes.5 forgeries.7 forward.1 maildir2mbox.1 maildirmake.1 \ -maildirwatch.1 mailsubj.1 mbox.5 preline.1 qbiff.1 qmail-clean.8 \ -qmail-command.8 qmail-control.9 qmail-getpw.9 qmail-header.5 \ -qmail-inject.8 qmail-limits.9 qmail-local.8 qmail-log.5 \ -qmail-lspawn.8 qmail-newmrh.9 qmail-newu.9 qmail-pop3d.8 \ -qmail-popup.8 qmail-pw2u.9 qmail-qmqpc.8 qmail-qmqpd.8 qmail-qmtpd.8 \ -qmail-qread.8 qmail-qstat.8 qmail-queue.8 qmail-remote.8 \ -qmail-rspawn.8 qmail-send.9 qmail-showctl.8 qmail-smtpd.8 \ -qmail-start.9 qmail-tcpok.8 qmail-tcpto.8 qmail-users.9 qmail.7 \ -qreceipt.1 splogger.8 tcp-env.1 \ -qmail-clean.c qmail-getpw.c qmail-inject.c qmail-local.c \ -qmail-lspawn.c qmail-newmrh.c qmail-newu.c qmail-pop3d.c \ -qmail-popup.c qmail-pw2u.c qmail-qmqpc.c qmail-qmqpd.c qmail-qmtpd.c \ -qmail-qread.c qmail-queue.c qmail-remote.c \ -qmail-rspawn.c qmail-send.c qmail-showctl.c qmail-smtpd.c \ -qmail-start.c qmail-tcpok.c qmail-tcpto.c spawn.c dnscname.c dnsfq.c \ -dnsip.c dnsmxip.c dnsptr.c hostname.c ipmeprint.c tcp-env.c \ -sendmail.c qreceipt.c qsmhook.c qbiff.c forward.c preline.c predate.c \ -except.c bouncesaying.c condredirect.c maildirmake.c maildir2mbox.c \ -maildirwatch.c splogger.c \ qlx.h rcpthosts.h rcpthosts.c commands.h \ -commands.c dnsdoe.h dnsdoe.c fmtqfn.h fmtqfn.c gfrom.h gfrom.c \ -myctime.h myctime.c newfield.h newfield.c qsutil.h qsutil.c \ -readsubdir.h readsubdir.c received.h received.c tcpto.h tcpto.c \ -tcpto_clean.c trigger.h trigger.c triggerpull.h triggerpull.c \ -trynpbg1.c trysyslog.c conf-cc conf-ld \ \ \ trycpp.c auto-str.c auto-int.c \ -auto-int8.c auto-gid.c auto-uid.c hier.c install.c instcheck.c \ -install-big.c alloc.3 alloc.h alloc.c alloc_re.c case.3 case.h \ -case_diffb.c case_diffs.c case_lowerb.c case_lowers.c case_starts.c \ -cdb.3 cdb.h cdb_hash.c cdb_seek.c cdb_unpack.c cdbmake.h \ -cdbmake_add.c cdbmake_hash.c cdbmake_pack.c cdbmss.h cdbmss.c coe.3 \ -coe.h coe.c fd.h fd_copy.3 fd_copy.c fd_move.3 fd_move.c fifo_make.3 \ -fifo.h fifo.c trymkffo.c fork.h1 fork.h2 tryvfork.c now.3 now.h now.c \ -open.h open_append.c open_excl.c open_read.c open_trunc.c \ -open_write.c seek.h seek_cur.c seek_end.c seek_set.c seek_trunc.c \ -conf-qmail auto_qmail.h qmail.h qmail.c gen_alloc.h gen_allocdefs.h \ -stralloc.3 stralloc.h stralloc_eady.c stralloc_pend.c stralloc_copy.c \ -stralloc_opyb.c stralloc_opys.c stralloc_cat.c stralloc_catb.c \ -stralloc_cats.c stralloc_arts.c strerr.h strerr_sys.c strerr_die.c \ -substdio.h substdio.c substdi.c substdo.c substdio_copy.c subfd.h \ -subfderr.c subfdouts.c subfdout.c subfdins.c subfdin.c readwrite.h \ -exit.h timeoutconn.h timeoutconn.c timeoutread.h timeoutread.c \ -timeoutwrite.h timeoutwrite.c remoteinfo.h remoteinfo.c uint32.h1 \ -uint32.h2 tryulong32.c wait.3 wait.h wait_pid.c wait_nohang.c \ -trywaitp.c sig.h sig_alarm.c sig_block.c sig_catch.c sig_pause.c \ -sig_pipe.c sig_child.c sig_term.c sig_hup.c sig_misc.c sig_bug.c \ -trysgact.c trysgprm.c env.3 env.h env.c envread.c byte.h byte_chr.c \ -byte_copy.c byte_cr.c byte_diff.c byte_rchr.c byte_zero.c str.h \ -str_chr.c str_cpy.c str_diff.c str_diffn.c str_len.c str_rchr.c \ -str_start.c lock.h lock_ex.c lock_exnb.c lock_un.c tryflock.c getln.3 \ -getln.h getln.c getln2.3 getln2.c sgetopt.3 sgetopt.h sgetopt.c \ -subgetopt.3 subgetopt.h subgetopt.c error.3 error_str.3 error_temp.3 \ -error.h error.c error_str.c error_temp.c fmt.h fmt_str.c fmt_strn.c \ -fmt_uint.c fmt_uint0.c fmt_ulong.c scan.h scan_ulong.c scan_8long.c \ -slurpclose.h slurpclose.c quote.h quote.c hfield.h hfield.c \ -headerbody.h headerbody.c token822.h token822.c control.h control.c \ -datetime.3 datetime.h datetime.c datetime_un.c prioq.h prioq.c \ -date822fmt.h date822fmt.c dns.h dns.c trylsock.c tryrsolv.c ip.h ip.c \ -ipalloc.h ipalloc.c select.h1 select.h2 trysysel.c ndelay.h ndelay.c \ -ndelay_off.c direntry.3 direntry.h1 direntry.h2 trydrent.c prot.h \ -prot.c chkshsgr.c warn-shsgr tryshsgr.c ipme.h ipme.c trysalen.c \ -maildir.5 maildir.h maildir.c tcp-environ.5 constmap.h constmap.c \ -qtmp.h1 qtmp.h2 tryutmpx.c - shar -m `cat FILES` > shar - chmod 400 shar - sig.a: \ makelib sig_alarm.o sig_block.o sig_catch.o sig_pause.o sig_pipe.o \ sig_child.o sig_hup.o sig_term.o sig_bug.o sig_misc.o